Recognized provider for theSeminar for Separating Parents (COPE) Class
Clark County, Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court-Family Division

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Co-Parenting / Divorce Class
(COPE Class)

Focused on families in transition, our approved online parenting class meets the requirements within Clark County, Nevada to offer the Seminar for Separating Parents (“COPE” Class). Our focus is to provide parents skills on how to successfully transition independently and together for the benefit of their children.


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What is the Seminar for Separating Parents?
(formerly referred to as the “COPE” class)

Online parenting classes in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas require both separating parties to educate themselves on how to provide the best care for their children when going through a separation or divorce or parents seeking a modification to their parenting time. Upon completion a FREE parenting class certificate is provided to all parents to file with the family court in Clark County, NV.

Clark County, NV family court require separating parents to attend the COPE Class to better understand the needs of their children, how to lower the stress of a separation, and how to work together for the benefit of the children. The Seminar for Separating Parents provides the tools needed to co parent, as in most cases, the care and upbringing of a child is a shared involvement and responsibility. Parents will work on skills to minimize the effects separation has on children, and learn strategies to work cooperatively with each other for the benefit of the children.

Our divorce class is available in both English and Spanish.

Cities within Clark County Nevada requiring the Seminars for Separating Parents (COPE Class) and the Eighth Judicial District Court-Family Division are:

  • Boulder City
  • Henderson
  • Las Vegas
  • Mesquite
  • North Las Vegas is among the few “Las Vegas, NV approved Seminar for Separating Parents Class” providers to offer the 4-hour minimum online co-parenting class.
Approved Seminar for Separating Parents – English
Seminar for Separating Parent – Spanish

Price Matching

If a District Court Judge within Las Vegas or the surrounding areas has waived the court and/or filing fees, or ordered that a person shall proceed In Forma Pauperis, the Seminar fee may be waived. Seminar fee waivers are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Request the Seminar fee waiver before registering for the Seminar through our Financial Verification Form.